Are vinyl banners good for outside?

If you're going to hang a banner for extended outdoor use, vinyl is the right choice for you. It's more durable and colors are much less likely to fade in the sun or fade in the rain.

Are vinyl banners good for outside?

If you're going to hang a banner for extended outdoor use, vinyl is the right choice for you. It's more durable and colors are much less likely to fade in the sun or fade in the rain. A 16 oz vinyl banner and mesh banner would work best if you use them for windy areas where the weather is much harsher on your banners. Although these three types of banners are recommended for outdoor use, you can even use them indoors if you want.

The Ideal Type

Outdoor banners are more expensive than indoor banners because vinyl banner material is more water resistant than an indoor sign, fabric banners get wet easily and can damage any vinyl banner printing resulting in a poor image quality of the banner. Larger Banners need more durable vinyl material to be build, and that durable material has to be able to resist a heavy wind load, ther is a wide selection of banner types, like size banner, double sided banner, retractable banner, single sided banner.

Outdoor banners have have a different weather resistant treatments for al type of weather conditions like extreme weather like high speed winds, outdoor vinyl banner are specially made for outdoor events and can resist any type of windy conditions, like strong wind gusts, with the help of wind slits, for that any outdoor sign can resist strong wind load.

Having the eyelets and hems allows you to position them where you need them with different applications to secure the signs to the desired areas. The best outdoor banner material depends on the type of weather your new banner is likely to face. Areas that experience high levels of inclement weather and rainfall will be best served with a waterproof banner with a sturdy material, such as 18 oz vinyl. For temperate climates, the 13 oz vinyl also stands up to the task very well, as it is durable and waterproof.

Areas that experience wind conditions or that are placed against chain fences will be best served with banners made of breathable materials such as vinyl mesh, which will allow the wind to pass easily. Vinyl banners are more durable IF they are going to be used outdoors AND if you roll them correctly when you store or transport them. Banners designed for outdoor use should be made with the right materials and accessories essential to withstand whatever the weather throws at them. If your banner is going to be part of a photo opportunity, you'll want to make sure you get a matte finish, whether it's vinyl or fabric.

Wind resistant

A banner that moves, slides, or moves in the wind is much more likely to be damaged in the long term.

Wind slits are not the best option for strong wind guts, either for look and readability, wind slits are little cuts you made on your banner with scissors, to resist heavy wind load like in any adverse weather conditions. Extreme weather can damage any custom vinyl banners, like mesh vinyl or any other standard vinyl banners. We need to select the best durable vinyl banner material to resist extreme weather and keep the quality outdoors. Customers usually select the most popular options or more durable optionso they can have additional vinyl banner use if applicable.



Banner frames are also great investments for anyone who has space to display their banners outdoors. The quality of the banner is much stronger, more durable and will last a little longer, especially on the elements. You don't want to use brick red in your design when you're going to place your banner against a red brick wall. When it comes to mesh, these custom banners have the ability to survive wind gusts and moderate sustained winds much longer than solid vinyl banners.

When carrying a banner, by transport, car, plane, or train, it will differ depending on your banner. You can't tell the difference just by looking at it, but the 16 oz vinyl banner is heavier and more solid. And because of the wide variety of end uses of banners, there's often no one-size-fits-all for the size you need your banner to be. Metal eyelets will help protect the banner from breaking in the wind, but washers alone may not be enough at the edges of the banner.


For smaller banners, grommets on each corner may work perfectly, but for larger banners, grommets every two feet may be necessary to add extra support so the banner does not hang or sag. Grommet diameter is important to understend what is needed, and also now type grommets, metal grommets, nickel grommets, depending on they type o pole pockets.


In short, banners are widely used in many different outdoor scenarios due to the variety of advantages they offer. If you don't have a hair dryer handy, you can also steam dry your damp banner, just make sure you don't come into contact with the banner or use high heat. Whereas a fabric banner is susceptible to stains and dirt and will need to be dry cleaned to bring it back to its former glory. When it's time to order a new visual solution and you've finally decided to use a banner to send your message, you still have a few questions to finalize the order.


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