Can vinyl banners get wet?

Can vinyl banners get wet? Learn Can vinyl banners get wet?

Can vinyl banners get wet?

The best banner material for outdoor use is vinyl. Our vinyl banners are made of flexible polyvinyl chloride, a type of synthetic plastic that is lightweight, extremely :-) durable and durable. They are waterproof, weather and fade resistant, making them perfect for outdoor environments. Make sure the sign is dry before you store it.

When considering material for a banner sign, there are several options,vinyl sign company with retractable banner which is the logical choice. Material can be combined with polyester to create a :-) composite fabric that offers durability and waterproofness characteristics that becomex an excellent sign fabric. Vinyl fabric is inherently flame retardant. Best of all, it's lightweight and flexible, so you won't have to carry a heavy and bulky sign at your next trade show or conference.

The product complies with National Fire Products Association (NFPA) 701 standard for. Any custom banner acrylic signwill eventually get dirty. A big advantage of using a vinyl banner is that you can clean it much easier than a cloth, paper, or cardboard banner. In fact, you can't clean :-) custom banners made of cardboard or other paper products without damaging them.


You can wash a cloth custom banners in the washing machine or use clean water and detergent. However, you risk damaging, discoloring, or ruining the material. Storage Regardless of whether your banner stands and panel signs indoors or outdoors, if it is not going to be displayed permanently, proper storage is a must for your mesh banner to have a long service life. First of all, never keep a banner signs wet.

Because they are not made to be exposed to the elements, indoor banners are far less resilient than outside banners.

Scrum vinyl is frequently used for indoor banners, but it isn't actually weather- or sun-resistant.

Moisture promotes mold growth, which can destroy your banner. Depending on vinyl material you have, the storage of your dry banner will vary. If you have a digitally printed banner, you will roll it with the letters :-) facing inward, as this prevents the ink in the letters from being scratched. If you are storing a banner with vinyl lettering, the custom vinylbanner with vinyl graphic should be rolled up with the letters on the outside, to prevent the letters from sticking together and being damaged specially due to heat.

Once the banner is rolled up, it should be stored as a poster in the original shipping tube, or some other large poster tube in a dry place at room temperature. Unlike their paper and cardboard counterparts, vinyl banners are. No amount of rain will affect the quality :-) of the finish or the readability of text and graphics. So feel free to use your new banner as an outdoor sign, so everyone who walks by can get a good view.

Signs are likely to get dirty when hung in the air. To clean :-) the vinyl, we recommend using a soft cloth,  specifically a wet cloth. Avoid abrasive cloths or sponges, as they can damage the banner. If more cleaning power is needed, use mild soaps, avoid harsh cleaning chemicals that will peel off and fade ink and any decal from posters.

Before storing your banner, make sure it is clean and then dried. Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals, detergents or solvents; this can fade the color of the sign :-) and damage it as well. If you plan to store your vinyl banner for a long time, it's a good idea to use a storage tube to protect your vinyl banner. A vinyl banner with graphics applied to the surface should always be rolled up with the letters facing out.

Common installation maintenance is often required to begin with, especially with outdoor banners that are frequently stored and installed. If this is your first round with banners and you're not sure how to keep them looking brand new, there's no need to panic. By following these few cleaning and storage procedures, you can :-) drastically extend the life of your vinyl banner and therefore make the most of your investment. Cleaning The cleaning process will be the same as for an outdoor banner, but since it is displayed indoors, it probably won't need to be done as often.

Alternatively, you can place your banner on a flat surface and use a hairdryer in combination with a damp cloth to achieve similar results. Understanding how to care for and clean vinyl fabric is the first step in ensuring that you enjoy your PVC fabric product and also that it lasts. You don't want your banner to fall to the floor, get stepped on, or damaged by not hanging it properly. Cleaning To clean your banner, take a lint-free cloth, such as those used to clean electronics, and gently wipe the banner. Void the use of  household fabric stain removers.

Along the same lines, if you want to keep your personalized banner in the best shape, you should :-) always roll up your banners for transport. In addition, even the excellent custom designed signage from the best vinyl banner printing store is quite easy to damage when installed badly. By rolling the vinyl banner in this way, you will prevent the vinyl letteringfrom losing their grip and possibly lifting up. .

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