How long does a banner last outside?

How long does a banner last outside? Learn How long does a banner last outside?

How long does a banner last outside?


There is a wide variety of different materials like, mesh material, raw materials, canvas banner material , we will have a banner material comparison so we can find out what is the best, of course proper care and the right finishing you can improve the banner life expectancy, you are always , of course you need to follow some banner care instructions, like using mild soap to clean them and help saving your banner purchases.


Therefore, most banners will have a long lifespan, usually from 2 years to 7 years and maybe even longer. :-) It lasts from a few weeks to a couple of months on average. A high-quality fabric banner, on average, can last between 2 and 12 years. We know that this is quite a large range. Indoor banners usually last more than any other banner type.

Retractable banners are  good options for some special occasions, this is the bes banner for storage

However, it is very difficult to reduce a more accurate life expectancy, due to the :-) variety of factors that come into play. Banners: 2-3 years outdoors for digitally printed banners, more than 3 years for outdoor vinyl banner banners. Wind, snow, dirt and other elements can pull out eyelets, weatherproof vinyl fabric banners lettering, and tear ropes. Fence banners come in all shapes and sizes to fit almost :-) any type of fence, such as Heras fences, pedestrian barriers and crowd barriers.

There are some banner options and banner styles that will result in a quality banner, like thickness options for windy conditions and variety of applications that helps mantain you digital print and your banner health. Any weather resistant material that helps fighting wind conditions will do the job.

PVC banners are no different, photochemical reactions between direct sunlight, oxygen and material cause ink to fade over time. So, if you're looking for a vinyl banner printing that requires short-term use, a metallic polyester custom banner printing is the way to go. The point is that your location, the demographics of the target customer, and your :-) choice of appearance will play a huge role in what you can get from your vinyl banner. While this works perfectly for displaying your meshbanner for a couple of weeks or maybe (if you're lucky) a month or two, the wind will eventually tear it apart.

If your sign company used decent grade or :-) high quality custom vinyl banners to make your regular banner, outdoor banner you can increase the lifespan. As with other signage products, PVC banners stand out when used for outdoor displays and advertisements. Outdoor Banners are a specific type of vinyl signs that are printed on some type of flexible material, such as flex, mesh, PVC, or scrim. You want to be sure that the funds you spend on printing your banners will be a smart choice :-) and will be a positive ROI of your marketing and advertising money in the long term.

The material of the vinyl banner material is lightweight, which makes it portable enough to be displayed outdoors, and at the same time, it is strong :-) enough to withstand weather conditions such as snow. PVC banners are outdoor signs that can be used for advertising purposes in places where :-) there is high visibility. However, if you're in an upscale retail mall or tourist area, a vinyl banner probably won't cut it.

Adverse Weather conditions

Extreme weather  is probably one of the most important problem your banner health will face when in outdoor display, not only strong winds, daily sunlight or in some cases extreme sunlight like in the desert will become a banner lifespan issue.

Wind slits are not the best option to overcome that problem,  not only affecting the way the banner looks but also the readability, for that mesh manner material is all around best banner option, mesh banners are the best option for inclement weather and to keep the  image quality because it will not show signs of wear despite the fact that has constant exposure, that makes it the ideal choice for any environmental conditions.

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